Space 776 Paperwork is a group exhibition that serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of paper as a medium of expression, presenting a variety of works on paper including painting, collage, photography, art ephemera, and more.


Liz-N-Val       Len Bellinger       Mimi Gross     

Sarah Fuhrman  Frank Olt     Denise Sfraga     

James Prez     Katherine Jackson Keisha Prioleau-Martin     

Nancy Eslamoudi      Noelle Velez        Zak Vreeland     

Shandor Hassan       David Freund     Dan Christoffel

Dave Alexander       Richard Kostelanetz     Jeffrey Allen Price

While the digital age has ushered in remarkable advancements, and acknowledged the environmental concerns associated with paper consumption, it is essential to distinguish between the wasteful usage of paper in corporate settings and the purposeful and intentional use of paper in artistic and literary contexts. It is crucial for future generations to recognize the significance of preserving our paper-based traditions and ensure their continuation in the face of the digital age. By appreciating and protecting our paper heritage, we ensure that future generations can continue to experience the profound connection that art and literature on paper bring. 

As technology continues to advance, the future of paper as an artistic and literary medium may seem uncertain. However, it is important to recognize that digital and paper-based forms of expression can coexist harmoniously, each offering its unique advantages and charms. Rather than seeing paper and digital mediums as opposing forces, we should embrace their symbiotic relationship, leveraging the strengths of each to enrich our creative and intellectual endeavors.