Three of Frank Olt’s works were crucial to the group show “That’s what you get” at this years SPRING/BREAK Art Show on Madison Ave. Keystone: The Biographer is Silent, 2000 was in fact the keystone of the group show curated by Dave Alexander & Dasha Bazanova. A wonderfully complex and beautiful piece that displays Olt’s mastery of ceramic glaze and encaustic. Olt’s work are essentially landscape paintings in a three-dimensional context. The Biographer is Silent works perfectly his other larger piece Spirits Merriment, 2000, both are Encaustic on Linen stretched over board, but where they both appear to have bronze attached to their assemblages, one is really ceramics that appears as bronze, tho other actually does contain a bronze appendage. Also Olt includes Delphi Woodfired a smaller piece from 2017 that contains glazes and enamel paint on ceramics.